What You Should Do To Your EX After Break-Up

Keep it cool after breaking up, this how you should behave to your EX

1. Whenever he/she calls just pick their call and inform them about your achievement and never give them a chance to reconcile, never abuse them.

2. You should never block them or unfriend them on facebook, always update on your happy moments and avoid updating on your miseries. It makes them realize you have a life without them.

3. Be close to their friends so that he/she can feel more jealous.

4. Never call their relatives.

5. Whenever you meet them on the road greet them and wish them well but never give them much time,always look jovial.

6. Never be the one calling them.

7. If they try to make advances, say NO with capital letters and tell them to mind their own business.

8. Improve on your dressing and personal appearance, once they see you they might even commit suicide.

9. Date someone who has achieved more than your ex and who is more handsome/beautiful than him/her. 

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