Top 6 Tips to Maintaining Your Friendships While In A Relationship

We all have that friend. They get into a relationship and disappear, only to be heard from when the partnership is having problems and they need some space from their significant other.

We vow not to become that person, but when you first meet someone that you really like, “my free time” does starts to become “our time”.

If you’re committed to maintaining your friendships and other important relationships in your life, here are a few tips.

1)    Set a dedicated time on a recurring bases for the people most important to you:

I have dedicated time to my Best Friend and my Family once a week. No matter what’s going on, I see my best friend for a meal once a week and my family (separately). If we didn’t have this scheduled and just tried to fit each other in, life would always get in the way. Once a week isn’t how you have to do it. Do it at the frequency comfortable for you.

2)    Don’t miss the important things:

Good friends birthday. Your Nieces Graduation. Try to be there for the important things in life. My best friend happened to have her engagement part on a weekend when I was supposed to work. Back then I prioritized work over everything, but last minute, I decided to cancel the work trip and make it to her engagement party. Show up for people the way you’d want them to show up for you.

3)    “Tell your friends, to get with my friends, and we can be friends”

Puff said it well. If you and your new partner have similar interests, the likelihood of their friends and your friends having similar interests is high. Get them all together and everyone wins.

4)    Double Dates:

Sunday Brunch, Poolside Cabana, Beach day or catching a game are just some ideas for double dates with your friends. You get to see your friend and your significant other gets to meet someone who can potentially become a friend to them.

5)    Reach out!!

Don’t disappear or hide. Even if you haven’t reached out in a while, it’s never too late. There are so many ways to communicate with each other now a day. Send the text asking how they’re doing. Make the call. Reach out to each other.

6)    Your calendar app on your phone is your best friend:

Schedule, schedule, and schedule. I can’t say it enough. If you’re committed to maintaining all of your relationships in a healthy way, the calendar is your best tool. Schedule it in as you would an important work meeting, or DR’s appointment.

Figure out who is important to you and be present for them. Maintaining your relationships takes commitment, dedication and most importantly time.

I hope that by now you realize that most of my advice doesn’t just apply to dating and relationships. You can apply these tips and other advice on my blog to just about any situation in your life.

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