Top 4 Characteristics of Happy Couples


We’ve all seen couples that just exude love and happiness. They seem so together and are practically always on the same wavelength. You probably wonder what their secret is and hope to use it on your next relationship. Some of it is chemistry and luck, but there are definite characteristics of happy couples that you can repeat or seek out.

They’re Genuinely Attracted to Each Other

Happy couples never utter phrases like, “She’s OK looking,” or “He’s pretty average.” This isn’t to say the two partners are the most attractive people in the world, but they should be the most attractive person to their partner. Not everyone has the same tastes, so while your friends may seek out one kind of partner, you may like something totally different. Couples who are genuinely attracted to one another don’t care what society says about what is desirable. They go for exactly what they want in a partner. “Good enough” or “average” isn’t what they seek. They choose to be with someone who has the qualities, both in physicality and personality, that they are most drawn to for a relationship.

They’re Always Laughing

Don’t be misled — happy couples have serious moments too. Even arguing is part of a healthy relationship, but happy couples always seem to have a set of jokes that are all their own. They get each other’s sense of humor, and they don’t care what other people think. Couples who keep things lighthearted when they don’t need to be serious are constantly mimicking the way things were when they started dating. In the beginning, they probably pulled out their most charming and funny stories to impress each other. By continuing this behavior, they show each other that they still value the traits that brought them together in the first place.

They’re Best Friends

It’s been said countless times before that friendship is the basis to a great relationship, and it’s true. Even if you jumped right in to dating and skipped the friendship part, being part of a happy couple means you’ve grown to become each other’s best friends. Couples who are best friends have excellent communication and can tell each other anything. They go to each other first when they need something. They depend on each other for help and support. Happy couples actually enjoy spending time together because they are hanging out with someone who listens and understands them.

They Respect Their Relationship

This is probably the most key of all the characteristics. Happy couples respect their relationship, meaning they put boundaries on outside influence. If someone is happily coupled, they don’t let family or friends make rude or harsh comments about their partners. The partners themselves also decide not to share private information about their partner or any minor issues they may be having with others. By keeping certain confidential parts of the relationship off limits, the couple protects their relationship from being negatively impacted by others.

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