Top 3 Lies That Stop Men From Dating the Beautiful Women They REALLY Desire

What holds us back from attracting and dating the women we want the most is the lies that society continues to tell us.

Once you see how those lies are condemning you to a life sentence of dating mediocre women, you can break free and start to date the women you’ve always admired from afar but couldn’t quite get.

LIE #1: Beautiful women only date men who are rich, gorgeous and powerful

Dating Attractive and Sexy WomenSociety has evolved. Times have changed. Money, looks and power were the majority qualifiers women were looking for in a man up until the baby boomer generation. Women have been liberated from needing a man to thrive. They have their own careers, pay their own bills and safely raise children independent from a man.

They don’t NEED a man to take care of their needs like shelter, protection or financial support. Their need for a man isn’t less… it’s just different. Because they have less of a need for masculine value, they are now looking for more feminine attributes in a man.

Women are looking for MORE than a provider. They are looking for a man that can play a part in achieving their personal life goals. More than ever, women are looking for encouragement, a good listener and emotional/moral support.

Don’t let this turn you soft though. She’s still looking for a man who can be a strong, confident, badass gentleman with raw carnal assertiveness. Balance is the key. Women have been given social permission to have it all. It’s our job to give it to them.

LIE #2: Women sleep with men they find most attractive

We believe this lie because we can’t see outside of the way we, as men, qualify women. Attractiveness is the first lens MEN use to qualify a mate but women qualify men by the way they make them feel.

A woman is looking for a story to write in her journal or tell her girlfriends, not a piece of arm candy. This is why they are more turned on by reading romance novels and books like “50 Shades of Grey” or “Dating Chase Walker”

She would rather be with a troll that created a unique romantic experience, over a rich, young doctor that is equal parts perverted, rude and boring.

She will measure you by the experience you’re creating for her. Focus on your behavior and communication because it’s far more important to her experience than your good looks or bank account.

LIE #3: The more dating options a woman has the harder it is to get her interested

Dating Pretty Women Should Not Be HardOnce again, we believe this because we can’t help but think like a man. MEN are looking to choose amongst options. Women are looking for exceptions amongst their options. Therefore, the value of an exception is higher the more options she has.

Think about it… If I have a “special edition” coin and there is only one like it for every 100 other coins, and on the other hand I have a coin that is a “limited edition” and there is only one like it for every 10,000, all other things being equal, which is more valuable?

Once you understand how to be the exception, you’ll understand that the more men pursue her – the more value you are. This means the world’s most gorgeous women are actually the easiest to meet, date and make your girlfriend.

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