Top 10 Marriage Lessons that Fathers Must Give to their Daughters


For a daughter, her father is a hero and her best friend. She always looks up to him for advice, for support, for motivation and to teach the valuable lessons of life. Right from birth till the later days of life, father and daughter always share a special bond filled with love, trust and emotions. And marriage is one such happy and exciting occasion where every daughter wants some guidance from her father that can help her in the new life.

There might be few things that your girl is already aware of, but hearing it from you will make a lot of difference to her. So, daddy dearest, there are a few advices that you should be sharing with your loving daughter. And, if you are not too comfortable talking to your little princess, like most Indian fathers who love to leave things unspoken, share this with her, and she will understand.

Here are 10 things that every father should teach her daughter before she gets married.

#1. Follow your heart.

“There might be times, when after marriage your decision may raise some eyebrows. But, don’t let people manipulate you or your decision. Do listen to everyone, but at the end, take your own decision and do what you think is right. Give a reasonable explanation for your move and stick to it till the end. The things will either happen the way you planned or will not. Or, it will be a learning lesson.”

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#2. Always respect yourself, and learn to be independent.

“No matter how tough a situation gets, always respect yourself, because if you don’t respect yourself, your partner will also not respect you. Also, men like strong women who can take charge of things independently, whether at home or outside. So, instead of counting on your husband or someone else for every little thing, take charge in your own hands.”

#3. Take care of your in-laws as your own parents.

“You have to think of your in-laws as your family, and furthermore as your parents. You have to love and respect them the same way you do with us. Accept them, but not with expectations. This way it will be easier for you to make a special bond with your in-laws.”

#4. Value his family members.

“Your love should not just be limited to your in-laws; it should extend to his extended family as well. Just the way you would want your man to love and respect not just your parents, but also your siblings and other relatives. Learn to do the same. Value all the relationships equally, whether they are his or yours.”

#5. Adapt and don’t hesitate to learn new things.

“After marriage, few things will change. You might have to start doing household chores, or managing household finances, or adjusting your lifestyle according to your husband’s and his family’s. Instead of ignoring these changes, adapt and try to learn them.”

#6. Never run away from any situation.

“There might be situations after wedding, when you might feel that you can’t handle things anymore. But instead of running away from them, face the situation, try to find the core of the problem and resolve it. It is the only way to get peace of mind. Running away will not do any good.”

#7. Your husband deserves your appreciation, and his space.

“Men love their individuality even after marriage, don’t try to change him too much. Learn to accept him just as he is, if you want him to accept you as you are. Also, appreciate your man for things he does for you and your family, no matter how small or big they are.”

#8. His mother might mean the world to him, and that is ‘Okay’!

“The way a man behaves with his mother, says a lot about how he would be with his wife, and how he will be his daughter too, in future. When your mother and I, got married, she knew how close I was to your grandmother. She open-heartedly accepted this, and she too showered same love on her, and this strengthen our bond further. So, instead of cribbing and labelling your man as a ‘mamma’s boy’, learn to be a part of their relationship, and respect their bond.”

#9. This will always be your home.

“Even though we live in a society where most girls are told that after marriage their husbands home is there only home, but that is not true. This is your home and your family, and the doors to this home and to our hearts are always open for you.”

#10. And, I am always there for you.

“No matter where you are, in what situation, you can always count on your dad. For me, no matter how old you grow, you will always remain daddy’s little princess.”

Words of wisdom, especially from a father, is one of the best gifts for every daughter, especially when she is getting ready to add a new chapter in her life. So, if your daughter is getting married, make sure you take out some moment to pass on some marriage and relationship advice to her. If you don’t want to say it out loud, then just send this link!

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