Three Things That Can Destroy Your Relationship/Marriage

There are many factors you need to avoid if you are to preserve your relationship/marriage. Below, we’ll talk about three but important things to take into consideration.


Trust is the key to every successful relationship. You should be able to trust your partner in every situation. Once you both can share the same trust, happiness, peace and love flows and you both have little to fear for. Without trust, anger and quarrel steps in and these are factors that kills a relationship/marriage fast. 
One thing you should also know is that trust is earned, not commanded. Do the right things which will assure your partner that you can stay faithful to him/her and also capable of evaluating and handling complex situations. 

Communication in this context does not mean phone calls or text messages. Communication here refers to how you relate with your partner. This matters a lot because communication is the key to understanding. 
Body language, romantic interest and sexual mood should also be well communicated. Your wife needs to know when you’re in the mood for sex. She’s your wife, not your sex slave so proper communication in this aspect will preserve mutual respect. 
How do you communicate with your partner when he/she is depressed? How do you communicate with him/her when you’re in a sour or devastated mood? Examine this and amend where necessary. 

This is simply the act of being unfaithful to your partner. You might be successfully cheating but then, have you asked yourself what your partner’s reaction would be if he/she finds out? Is he/she the type that would give you another chance? I’m sure you haven’t asked yourself these questions. There is no joy in infidelity. Staying faithful is the surest way of maintaining a forever relationship/marriage. Be advised!

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