Things You Most Consider On How To Find The Right Partner

How to find the right partner, Things to consider before marriage

Today, a lot of people seem to fall in-love with anyone they meet without following some guides, that’s why they fall into failed relationships and marriages. There are certain factors you should consider when choosing a partner or a spouse.

Before choosing someone, you should first understand what you want in a person and want you don’t want. This way, you can easily identify who suits you better.

Here, are some qualities you should look out for before falling in love, or before choosing your future spouse:

1). Consider The Qualities You What In A Partner:

If you’re Jewish and want to marry Jewish, “stick with your own kind” since not everyone who wants to marry a Jew will convert to Judaism.

Family values:
Are you dying to have five kids, or do you refuse to have children under any circumstances? Though people may change their minds more than you think, this is something to consider as you look for someone who shares your ideas (though you shouldn’t talk about this right when you meet someone, obviously.)

Though you can’t predict someone’s personality in advance, there may be a few things that are a must for you. Do you have a killer sense of humor and absolutely need a person who shares your love for laughter? Are you naturally a bit nervous and need someone who is more laid-back to center you? Keep this in mind as you look for the perfect person for you.

Attitude toward relationships:
Are you looking for someone who wants to spend every waking second with you, or do you want someone who really understands the meaning of “alone time”? This is more important than you think.

Social bearing:
Do you want someone who is fun and has a ton of friends around, or a person who is more reserved with just a few close and loyal friends? If you’re a social butterfly and your special someone is more of a wallflower, you can bring out his social side — or it can be a problem.

Similar interests:
Though the person you love probably shouldn’t share all of your interests, or maybe not even many of them, you should still have a few interests that you both can share so you can keep your relationship going. If you’re a novelist and your loved one refuses to read, or if you’re a fitness instructor and he has never seen a gym, you may run out of things to talk about. But maybe not! This one is fluid.

2). Consider The Qualities You Don’t Want:

Lack of attraction:
Physical attraction can grow, but it is not overrated. Though you may not want to rip off your husband’s shirt fifty years — or hey, a few years — down the line, you should have a baseline of attraction that keeps things going. Even if the person fits the mold in all other aspects, sadly, you just can’t force yourself to be attracted to someone.

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