The 3 Things Women Really Want In a Man


As 2015 begins it seems that the same old questions are coming up over and over again.

Women and Knowing How to Attract HerMost guys still just don’t know what they are doing when it comes to dating, especially when it comes to online dating.

The rules that used to apply to “real world” dating have been forever changed by the online world, even if you don’t like it. So I will try yet again to help shed some light on this subject for the sake of all of our sanity.

I spent months and maybe even years researching how we date and more and more we are moving to the online world. It’ not just in America either. In the last week, 3 different men have told me as many stories about how they met women online. One while on vacation in Mexico, another met and is having a long distance relationship with a woman in London and one guy met a woman in Australia and moved there to be with her.

I spent a long time hoping to figure this subject out. I looked at them all. I mean every website you can think of. There is a dating site for black and white, cougars, random hookups and people with almost any fetish you can imagine.

I’ll never be the same after some of the weird and disturbing things I saw in the name of “Science”

I scoured thousands of profiles, I mean it, THOUSANDS. I analyzed, took notes and interviewed HUNDREDS of women who were currently using online dating to meet men.

They all wanted something different, but that doesn’t answer the questions all of us guys seem to have.

“What do women REALLY want?”

Well, there really is no definitive answer to that. You see women are far more complex than we men are and it would be impossible for me to tell you exactly what to say, write or do to get a woman. And anyone who tells you otherwise is probably just trying to make a quick buck before you figure out he is full of shit.

But I can tell you this. Almost every single woman we talked to wanted a few “basics” in a man. These women were Black, Asian, White, young, mature, successful, smart and every color of the spectrum you can think of. They ALL said the same things.

Here they are:

1. Fitness

Women we talked to all wanted a man who takes care of himself. This wasn’t about looking like a fitness model, she just wants to know you are not a fat slob that she is going to have to take care of.

2. Finances

This one throws most men but trust me, this is NOT about being a “Gold Digger” this is about her needing to know she is not going to have pay for every date or even worse make your car payment. She wants a MAN and men handle their money.

3. Mate

All of our interviewees wanted men that knew what they wanted in a woman. Need proof? How many dates have you been on where a woman asked you what your “type” is? Women want to know they fit your idea of what you want in a mate so that you are not always out trolling the bars like a douche looking for “the next best thing”.


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