The 10 Fantastic Reasons That Will Convince You To Get Married

Marriages are traditionally made in heaven. But for some unmarried couples, who have yet to realise it, there are plenty of well-wishing married relatives and friends ready with advice on hand. Sometimes the reasons can be emotional, sometimes funny, and some quite serious. But the only thing that is common is that you should be getting married.

Here are some of the funniest reasons that real-life couples have used to motivate their unmarried loved ones to change their “single” status.

#1. Pass on your genes

Every person secretly hopes to become a legend even after his or her death. What better way than to have children, to carry on the torch of your genes? There is nothing like having children (post-marriage, of course) to complete the circle of love. It is all about “vansh ko aage baadana”. So, get married to preserve and pass on your amazing genes.

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#2. Blame it on the spouse

Marriage is your absolutely foolproof, get-out-of-jail free card, (if you know how to use it well enough!). If there is something that you really don’t want to do, you can always blame it on your spouse. Like, you not going to that boring naming ceremony can be blamed on your partner’s important conference!

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#3. Endless gifts

There is one thing certain about getting married in India- you get a lot of “Maal” aka money. In the form of customary gifts the parents give what they want to the couple, not to fulfill any demands. Also, the gifts given by friends and relatives are quite enough to help the young couple set up their new home. Well, furnishing a new house was never easier. And, add to that all the cash and gifts that you get from your wedding guests. Safely put it, you can make quite a few savings in the first year of your marriage.

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#4. Cut down on expenses

When you are dating someone, there is always something or the other on your expense list. You are either dinning out frequently, wooing each other with gifts, and what not? When you are married you no longer have to go out to eat so frequently to steal away some private moments. You can spend hours talking over coffee in your own living room or bedroom.

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#5. No more long mobile bills

One expense that almost all unmarried couples come across is that of long phone bills, mentioning the late night call sessions. Well, once you are married, you will be with that person day in and day out, and one expense that will surely be saved is those unending phone bills.

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#6. Letting yourself go

Somehow marriage gives you full-fledged rights to let go of yourself, this includes farts and burps! You can let it rip, without feeling the need to suppress it and run for an exit! Your spouse may not appreciate this freedom of expression, but over the time they will get resigned to it. Well, this is something you cannot be sure about while in the dating phase, right?

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#7. Let me be your hero, baby!

Every man wants to feel like a hero; and guys, getting married can make you that for your wife. She will look at you whenever she is in a fix and needs help. You will also be the one she can trust to protect her and her family.

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#8. Eat whatever you want, the way you want!

You might have heard that girls often shy away from ordering things like pizzas and burgers while out on a date. Well, apart from the weight issues, it is more about the mess that you can create as you relish these treats. And, being a slob is not an image that you want to leave on someone with whom you wish to spend years to come. But after marriage, ladies, you can let go of all your inhibitions, and order whatever you want, and relish it the way you want. Well, your spouse can react, but cannot run! Not even if you feel like licking your fingers off!

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#9. Wear whatever you want!

Who cares if there is a cheese stain on your night suit or if you are roaming around the house in the shabbiest tees once you are married? You don’t worry your “spouse” seeing you at your worse, and judging you, anymore after marriage. Enjoy sitting together in those sweatpants, slurping on your drink, and relishing that cheesy burger!

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#10. Someone is there by your side, forever!

No matter how many tantrums you throw, no matter how silly you get, or no matter how sick or healthy you feel, you have someone literally by your side. Being married means there will be someone to give you undivided attention and loads of pampering, and there is definitely no running away!

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So, with these amazing reasons, apart from the obvious emotional and social ones, now we are wondering how can one not be convinced to get hitched… well, provided that they have met their “Right One”.

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