Sweet 30 Simple Things Your Spouse Secretly Desire From You


admin-ajax-php-135The things desired from your mate can be so small that with just a little effort and forethought this funny list can be eliminated in your households. Be warned – the phrases sound funny on paper but can cause arguments and disagreements in the moment.


Take a look and see which apply to your relationship.

1. If you use my razor, put it back.

2. Clean your hair out of the sink!

3. Turn on the fan when you use the bathroom, so I don’t have to hear all that!

4. Rinse your dishes before putting them in the sink.

5. If you drop a few french fries, in the car pick them up.

6. If you must hold a conversation during the game or my show, wait till a commercial.

7. If I’m sleep when you get up, don’t cut on all the lights.

8. Put the seat down on the toilet please!

9. Pick your dirty clothes up from the bathroom floor!

10. If you see I just did dishes, don’t go putting something in the sink.

11. Load the dishwasher with order, don’t just throw them in.

12. If you’re the last one out of the bed make it up.

13. Hold my hand as we walk.

14. Replace the roll of paper towels when you use the last one.

15. Put your cell phone and electronic devices down when we are in the car, at dinner, or in bed together.

16. Reach for me first thing in the morning instead of your cell phone.

17. Respond to me as quickly as you respond to a text from someone else!

18. Don’t wake me up by saying “babe are you sleep?”.

19. Be excited over my victories!

20. When I’m driving only remind me of the speed limit once!

21. When I say it doesn’t matter what’s for dinner make a decision don’t make it an argument (you decide, no you decide because every time I decide…, no you decide, it doesn’t matter)!

22. Order what you want for dinner so you don’t have to eat off my plate!

23. Put the car keys in the same spot each time, so we are not looking for them when we should be in the car!

24. Be on time – if we say we are leaving in 15 minutes, be ready in 15 minutes!

25. When I correct the kids, don’t contradict me in front of them!

26. When something is over let it die…don’t keep bringing it up over and over again

27. Watch the tone, watch the tone…don’t raise your voice at me…keep it cool.

28. Put more toilet paper in the bathroom when you know you just used the last.

30. Kiss me good bye in the morning before running out the door.

source: BMWK


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