See The Best U.S. City For Singles Will Surprise You

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This seems like the absolute worst time of year to weigh these types of statistics, but WalletHub measured some data and put together a nifty list of the best and worst cities in the United States to be single. The list is based on the damage dating does to your wallet in each metropolis and by how fun and romantic each region is. Researchers took a look at the 150 most populated cities in the US and broke them down by 25 metrics including restaurant costs, number of attractions in the city, and percentages of singles. Not surprisingly, New York City hovers low on the list as an awful place to be single (and broke), but the city that made #1 is pretty shocking.

Boise, Idaho is your best bet to find a great partner while saving money. You can read that again. The city tops the list and is closely followed by Madison, Denver and Austin. As far as going out on dates, the city with cheapest restaurant meals is Santa Clarita, while the most expensive is San Francisco. The least expensive beer and wine can be found in Milwaukee. The cities with the highest percentage of single residents are Detroit and Washington, DC. Unfortunately for that high proportion of singles, Detroit was also found to have the lowest online dating opportunities. Californians, take note: Irvine was found to have the best online dating opportunities in the US. The full results, along with a Q&A with experts, can be found here. They’re definitely not what I expected! [WalletHub]

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