Romantic Date Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love All Over Again

Whether you’ve been dating your boyfriend for a few weeks or for years and years, it’s hard to think of new and romantic date ideas. Once you’ve been out to eat and seen a few movies, it’ll feel like there’s nothing else left to do. However, the world is such a huge place that there’s always something exciting to try, even if you don’t realize it. You just have to think outside of the box.

Instead of complaining that you have nothing to do, start making plans to create the best date ever. If you’re completely out of ideas, here are some potential dates that will bring you two closer than you’ve ever been:

1. Boat Rides


It doesn’t matter if you buy tickets for a cruise or rent a canoe to have a picnic inside of. Either way, holding hands while looking out at the water is utterly romantic. It’ll make you feel peaceful, so if your lives have been super hectic lately, a trip to the ocean is exactly what you need to calm down.

2. Drive-in Movies

Movie dates are common and cliché, so you’ve probably been to your local theater dozens of times. However, drive-in theaters are much more rare. Do a little research and find a place that allows you to watch films from you car. Even if there’s not a legitimate theater around, a lot of colleges will put up screens to display movies for their students. You just might be able to catch a glimpse with them.

3. Bookstores


Take a break from watching Netflix together and find a book that you can both enjoy. You can buy two copies of it or just take turns reading the same one. When you’re both finished, you can have your own private book club meeting and discuss the story. Of course, finding the book can be just as fun as discussing it, so enjoy your trip to the bookstore.

4. Cook Together

Instead of being a doll and whipping up his favorite meal for him, ask him to help you create it. That way, you can recreate those adorable movie scenes where couples toss flour at each other and end up covered in chocolate. If things really heat up, then you can carry that bottle of whipped cream into the bedroom.

5. Board Games

You don’t have to be a child to play a childish game. Break out your old game of Battleship or Scrabble and see which one of you is victorious. Or, if you’re feeling a little feisty, you can order an adult themed game. There are plenty of fun ones out there that will help you two learn more about each other and give you ideas on how to please each other.

6. Ice-Skating


If you love to hold your boyfriend’s hand to show the world that you’re together, ice-skating is the perfect activity for you. No one will judge you for being on top of each other, because they’ll just assume that you’re having trouble keeping your balance. Plus, all of the other couples will have the same idea, so you won’t be the only one engaging in PDA if you want to start kissing.

7. Apple Picking

If the season is right, head to an orchard and pick some fruit that you can nibble on later. Of course, you don’t have to settle for apples. If it’s October, you can pick pumpkins. Or, if you find a vineyard that’s nearby, you might even be able to learn how to make some wine!

8. Haunted Houses

Jump scares and bloody clowns don’t sound very romantic, but you’d be surprised at how close a haunted house will bring you two together. While you’re inside, you’ll hold hands and will expect him to protect you. When the walk is over, your adrenaline will still be pumping, which will make your time in the bedroom extra special.

9. Fireworks


There’s something romantic about the sky. Whether you lay out a blanket to watch fireworks, go stargazing, or watch the sunrise, you’ll create a memorable date with your partner. You could even pack up a few sandwiches and go on your very own picnic.

10. Just Cuddle

Romance isn’t about how much money is spent on a dinner or show. It’s about how much fun you have with the love of your life. That means that you can save your paychecks and cuddle on the couch instead of blowing all your money on one big date. There’s nothing wrong with staying in, because privacy is one of the most important traits of a romantic evening.

When you’re with the love of your life, it doesn’t matter where you go on your dates. As long as you’re together, you’ll be happy. Of course, planning out something extra romantic can never hurt!

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