The Reasons Why An Average Lady Is Most Likely To Lie About Being A V1rgin


The Reasons Why An Average Lady Is Most Likely To Lie About Being A V1rgin

This is my first time coming up with v1rginity stuff ‘cos the issue of v1rginity is so alarming taking different forms each day and I keep wondering why.

Note: I’m not taking cues based on my encounter because every girl is different.

Generally, I guess many ladies claim that v1rginity doesn’t define a good relationship & shouldn’t be an issue in courtship or choosing a partner, yet they lie about it. One thing I keep asking myself what would be their incentive on lying that they are when they are not?

Take a deep breath and read meticulously wink

Reasons Why An Average Lady Is Most Likely To Lie About Being A Virgin
1. Because Of Her Age
Personally speaking and general summarizing, a girl of 18-19yrs is most likely to lie using some slow logic to justify her v1rginity like she has never had s.x sober or in a committed relationship and is therefore still a v1rgin

2. Because That Is What Guys Love To Hear
YES girls lie about their v1rginity because they assume that is what we want to hear. Most dudes tend to hold firmly unto ladies the moment they realize they are truly v1rgins & barely play pranks on them just to get under their skirts ‘cos they know what it entails. However, an average lady lies about it cos she believes being a v1rgin will make her appear innocent, respected & holy. Anyway, no dude should dare demand a v1rgin if he himself is not a v.rgin, all these chop & clean mouth dudes dey find tear rubber to settle down with tongue

3. She Doesn’t Want To Be Pestered For S.x
We are in an era where s.x seems to be the talk of the day. Since that it’s now terribly difficult to differentiate those who truly love you and those who only want to get under your skirt, she’s most likely to lie if she gets to know that you are desperate for s.x

4. Because She Wants To Scam You
Many ladies lie about their v.rginity because they want to use that as a leverage to get you scammed. They will screw you up & get you dumped as quickly as possible when they know you will most likely get to know the truth

5. She Had It Only Once
YES a lady who had it only once and desist from it for a very long time still considers herself as a v.rgin and will most likely claim to be one because she believes she still as tight as a v.rgin and only a professional dude will get to know when he gets in there

6. The Reaction Of Others
Some people react badly when
they learn a woman is not a v.rgin. Hence, ladies would rather not deal with that reaction & may lie to avoid it because of the fear of Being chastised Or castigated

7. She Wants To Portray A Good Image
Girls will always lie about their number
cause they are worried how it will
make you look at them and they don’t
want it to hurt their chances having you or change the way you feel about
them. They worry a lot. **That’s girls 4u** lolx

8. Because Guys Attach Too Much Importance To Virginity
Take it or leave it, almost all chics will lie about being a v.rgin if they get the feeling that v.rginity and crap matters to you, they will lie about it.. The issue is that guys attach so much importance to v.rginity without being one themselves. lolxxx.

9. Because You Are Not My Boyfriend
Yessss!! An average non v.rgin lady is a TIGER & will tear you to pieces when you ask if she’s a v.rgin. She’s like, “Are you my boyfriend ?”, and if she decides to tell you, she will lie about because she knows that your chances of getting to know the truth is next to nill. The funniest thing is that, even if you are her boyfriend, she might still lie to you especially when you are in a NO S..X relationship


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