Read 5 Practical Ways To WOW Your Date With Your Looks

5 Practical Ways To WOW Your Date With Your Looks
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 5 Practical Ways To WOW Your Date With Your Looks
Stilettos and cleavage not required.

When a man goes on a date, he’s more likely to consider your physical appearance before any other attribute to determine if he’ll be seeing you again.

The sad truth is that not only is physical appearance important to a man on a first date, it’s also one of the main things that contributes to his happiness and satisfaction in a marriage.

In knowing this harsh reality, a woman must make a great first impression.

This doesn’t mean you have to put on that little black dress, s2xiest heels and red lipstick to impress him. Sure that will grab his attention, but it won’t be the reason he gets interested in you.

What you wear is also not about your style. You should never alter your sense of style for a first date because you can attract him by being yourself, even if that means wearing yoga pants and Chucks.

Find out ahead of time what you’ll be doing and how active the date will be so that you can dress appropriately and be comfortable for the occasion and then follow these tips on what to wear to your first date.


Research shows that no matter your size, curvy, narrow, big or thin, a man is attracted to a waist. Therefore, you should always wear clothes that create a waist or the illusion of one. This means no big sweaters or over sized jackets. Belt it up if needed.


Show off and own what you’ve got, but make sure you’re not too revealing. There’s a difference between s.xual and sensual. We don’t want to attract the wrong type of attention. Just wear the shirt that hugs your chest, or jeans that make your butt look great.


It doesn’t matter if your hair is down or up in a bun, men are attracted to healthy looking hair, because they’re attracted to healthy women. What makes hair look healthy? Shine (not oil). If your hair is naturally healthy, kudos to you, but if you need a little help, the beauty industry has got you covered with serums and sprays you can use to achieve this look.


Nothing makes a woman more attractive than confidence. This sounds like a cliché, but it’s proven to be the most attractive personality trait you can wear. A confident woman knows her worth. She takes pride in herself, which is apparent through her attitude and appearance.


Even when I wore those yoga pants and Chucks, I still paired them with a cute and feminine scarf. No matter the occasion, make sure to add that feminine touch to your outfit via texture and color. Those that know me in real life know I like to stick to an all black wardrobe, but when dating I try to add at least one color into my outfit so it’s not so dark and bleak.

Once you find the outfit that works for you, keep wearing it to those first dates. I went on 46 first dates in 16 months; I didn’t have the means to wear a new outfit each time.

I found three I liked for three different occasions and rotated through them. The same “jeans and black shirt” outfit worked in casual settings when paired with sandals, and for fancier occasions when accessorized properly and paired with heels. No matter your shape and budget, you can make the above tips work.

… And P.S. don’t forget to wear that smile.

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