Read: Over 30 And Looking For Love? It’s Time To Root For The Underdog

loves me, loves me not

The longer you wait, the harder is to find a nice guy. Here’s how and where to snag one of your own.

Priorities change as you get older. What seems important in your 20s and early 30s (like the kind of car a guy drives, the clothes he wears, or the caliber of the restaurants he frequents) turns out to not matter once you reach your late 30s and beyond.

When you are young and in the dating game, you think you have your whole life ahead of you to find someone to settle down with. Sure a tall, dark, handsome, and slick guy seems like someone to hold out for, but I promise that eventually, your values will suddenly switch to wanting someone who is loyal, honest and interested in a family.

The problem with this shift in priorities is that once a woman realizes that what she wants for her future is different than what she chased after for so many years, it is too late. All of the good guys are either already married or want to date women under 35 because they want to have kids.

So, don’t wait. Look now before all the good guys get scooped up.┬áHere is some advice about how to recognize these guys and snag one of your own:

What are these “nice guys” like?

A nice guy who will treat you well and settle down with you is often timid or someone that you need to encourage a bit. He’s not the guy who walks up to you at a bar, and he’s certainly not the guy who tries to sweet talk you into sleeping with him on the first date. He doesn’t know how to play dating games, and he will call you the next day without thinking twice because he is excited to see you again. He is loyal, generous and would make an amazing dad.

How do you find these guys?

They are all around you. Just open your eyes. Stop looking for guys who could be on the cover of GQ. For the most part, those guys will play games with you all day long. If you want a healthy, long-term relationship, then get away from the players. Prioritize qualities such as honesty, humor, loyalty and a caring spirit.

In the end, it’s all about finding someone you want to see every day and who’s going to be there for you through it all. So many nice guys with amazing qualities get overlooked because they are a little quirky or not the movie version of a dream date. Believe me, these guys are the ones you need to claim. They are the kind of guys you can grow with, learn with and even teach things to so that they become your ideal partner.

The moral of the story is: Scoop up a good guy now. Find that guy who gets overlooked, or is maybe a little quirky. I promise that the underdogs are a good deal.

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