Popular veteran actress, Franca brown Tells Why She is Still Single


francaVeteran actress, Franca Brown, is one of the pioneers of the Nigerian movie industry called Nollywood.
The actress who is a contemporary of the likes of Liz Benson, despite her beauty and age, is still single and this, she attributes to the fact that she has not met the right man.
In an interview recently, Franca said that though she believes in marriage, she has not been fortunate to get the kind of man she would really love to settle down with.
The ageless actress who was popular with one of Nigeria’s best soap operas, Behind The Cloud in the 80s, believes that as long as there is life, there is hope and that when the right time comes for her to marry, she will definitely become a married woman.
This is what she said when asked whether she believes in marriage:

I believe in marriage. I was born into a home, I have a father and a mother. But marriage has not come my way, and I don’t think it’s yet a challenge to me. When it comes my way, it comes.
We pray you get the right man soon Franca.


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