No More State Of Emergency – Borno Attorney General Pleads

The Borno State Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, Kaka Lawan has declared that the state of emergency ordered by the President to help curb the threat of Boko Haram has failed.
The Attorney General openly declared that the FG needs to try a new strategy instead of extending the state of emergency which has failed to yield positive results.
The emergency rule started in May 14 last year and was schedulled for 6 months but was then again increased for another 6 months. The emergency rule is scheduled to end on the second week of May
Mr Lawan said: “the first declaration of the state of emergency was actually an experiment which Nigerians thought it would at the end of the day work. “But after six months, it turned out not very successful. We thought there was going to be a change of strategy, to get the desired result; unfortunately, there was no change of strategy, rather we experienced an extension”.
The lawmaker warned that any more extension of the rule will continue to hinder the state’s indigines who have suffered enough from the incessant bombings by and killings by Boko Haram .
He said: “Any further extension of the state of emergency will infringe on the rights of the citizens, particularly the right of movements as regards the curfews imposed. Besides that Nigerians will be going into the polls to elect their leaders, another declaration of the state of emergency will have a negative effect on both the federal and state government”.
“For instance, we are going into the year that all Nigerians will embark on electioneering campaigns, that is the more reason the federal government has to, as a matter of urgency, deploy strategy to combat this situation rather than imposing another emergency that will still have a very negative effect on the people.” 

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