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Hi my name is shiellah i had a first boyfriend who i was in vain with him for 5 years he had nothing i even helped him to go to London wen he came back my mum said we should get married and have a family on the day of introduction he didn’t come and went to know he’s in another place introducing another girl on the someday with mine wen we are waiting for him i was shocked couldn’t believe, i had to forget and move on with my life and that’s when i got this another too whom i was in relationship with him en he seem to be a pastor for one year plus and i had introduced him to my family he told my elders how is coming to marry me later he introduced a girl saying that’s his cousin and later i went to know he’s sleeping with the girl and even stay together in the some house i took passion to kill my self i had lost hope i felt am tired and i couldn’t obey the shame to my family but i didn’t die after 2 months met another guy who has been nice to me taking care of me respects me gives me everything i want taking care of my family gives me peace and makes me happy and i love him and he loves me too but the guy is married and he tells me how he wants to marry me he even introduced me to his mother but the wife doesn’t know me but me i know her and i respect her i don’t trouble her he even wanted to propose to me with an engagement ring but i told him am not ready now coz i need more advice am confused should i allow this man to marry me as a second wife or i should quite… Advice me please me…thank you

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