Must Read: THIS Is The Reason No One’s Getting Married?


Researchers have noticed that many people have the same blasé attitude to marriage like I do.

Oh, marriage. Yes, some people are into it but then a lot of people are like me. Personally, I have no plans to walk down the aisle until my 30s. Hopefully by then I will more financially stable, and I will be mature enough to make a life-long commitment. Also, if I end up not finding the right one to get hitched with then I don’t think it would be the end of the world.

Researchers have noticed that many people have the same blasé attitude to marriage like I do, but they are attributing the cause to a secretive habit. Is this the actual reason no one’s tying the knot?

Scientists at German Institute for the Study of Labour believe porn is the reason why people aren’t getting around to putting a ring on it. According to them, as the popularity of porn on the Internet goes up, the number of people getting married go down.

There’s no doubt that these trends are happening, but how are these scientists explaining that they are related? Isn’t it just a sign that our society is becoming more liberal? Well, it all comes to laziness about dating. The same scientists explain that with porn being so readily available, it makes people less motivated to go out and date.

Why go out to try to meet someone with the possibility of getting rejected when you can watch hot people get naked at home? Sounds like Joseph Gordon-Levitt was onto something with his porn-addicted character in Don Jon.

But is that the kind of life we want people to have? Isn’t one of the goals in life to be happy—and that means to have some sort of a family one day? I say hold off on the pity party.

In my opinion, if you replaced porn obsession with a Netflix one then I would have to admit I’m guilty. When the weekends come around there is very little that can pull me away from my bed and laptop if I’m in the middle of binge-watching a show. Don’t worry, concerned scientists! I think my Netflix and me will have a very happy life together. I will get my emotional satisfaction from Gilmore Girls, thank you very much.

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