Masturbation: How It Is Making Your Sperm Slower

We take a look at some side effects of Masturbation, and try to see what the experts are trying to tell us about this all too very tabboo topic


Men who have varicoceles feel full around or above the testicles,but when they lay down  the fullness is gon. This is named “reflux”, The blood goes backwards through the testicular vein.
Masturbation is one of the leading causes of varicocele, but note also that mental issues can also cause it.
Varicoceles increases the heat in the testicles and that affects the manufacturing of spermas well as shape and movement of sperm.
Intense research proves that about 15% of men have varicoceles, while forty percent of men with fertility issues and 80% of men having issues having another kid has Varicoceles.
This ailment can be diagnosed in a warm room and the patient has to lay down and stand up, it is also can be seen through ultrasound.

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