Lovely 6 Things Guys Want You To Do (But Won’t Tell You) When You First Start Dating

I wrote about setting expectations in dating a few posts back. If you don’t tell someone what you expect, they will never meet those expectations.

Well ladies, here are a few expectations men have, that they don’t always share.

  1. Call Or Text Them First Sometimes
    Men know that they are supposed to pursue you, but in a world full of so many options, it’s nice when you show some actual interest in them. Sending out a simple text asking how their day has been goes a long way in getting you to the top of their list.
  1. Ask Them Questions Too
    This seems like a simple one. It’s called a conversation! You wouldn’t believe how many guys complain to me about how little interest women take in them during their date. The Art of conversation is huge and will keep you in the game a lot longer.
  2. Take Interest In The Things They Love
    Whether it’s a sports team, activity or their new favorite band; you should take interest in what they are interested in. Let him ramble on about his quarterback, even if you don’t love that team (or sport all together). He just wants you to listen to him sometimes, just like he has to listen to some story about your friend’s cousin’s daughter.
  1. Plan A Date
    There’s a lot of pressure put on men to plan dates that are interesting, fun and creative. It’s nice of you to take that on sometimes and introduce him to your favorite things or try something completely new together.
  2. Send The Unsolicited Pic
    You know how I feel about men asking for Pics without any real context.. I’m not a fan! I’m a fan of sending the unsolicited pic, and so are men. You dressed up for a girl’s night? Send it to him. He’ll appreciate that pic more than the one he asked for.
  3. No Phone At The Dinner Table
    This request is another very obvious requests that we as a culture keep failing at. When you first start dating someone, you want their undivided attention. Your instagram feed can wait ladies. Leave your cell in your purse and only take it out when he goes to the bathroom.

Did I leave anything out? What other expectations do men and women have that we don’t always share when we first start dating someone?

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