Ladies, Here Are The 10 Qualities You Should Look For In A Man

10 Qualities Of A Man Worthy To Date:

We’ve had several

cases, ladies saying men are the same,

others say they’re all

dogs, others say they shouldn’t be

trusted. Yeah we men have

heard all this but that doesn’t make us

all the same, I know

finding the right man is so hard since

most men now days

don’t know what they want. So, I listed

down the qualities that a real man has

to guide you ladies to choose right:

1. He is honest – about who he is and

what he has done in his


2. He speaks up – even if it is to say

things others don’t want to hear.

3. He is focused on progress.

4. He Loves his family and wants to

protect them from harm.

This does not have to involve fighting


5. He has a true purpose – one that

hopefully contributes to the well being

of others.

6. He thrives not in competition, but in


Competition is based on winners and

losers, placing value in it simply makes

losers feel less of themselves and


winners buy into the temporary

delusion that they are better

than others.

7. He is A Devoted fathers not

deadbeat dads

8. He Love and Believes In God

9. He Respects women and never man-

handles them.

10. He Moves away from sin.

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