For Ladies: The Guide to Having S’x on Your Period

The Guide to Having S’x on Your Period

Wondering how you can have s*x during your period? Here’s a complete guide to having s*x on your period and the tips you need to know to have a good bang. By Kayla Kissinger

 The Guide to Having S’x on Your Period

Having s*x on your period is a personal choice, but one that definitely comes with a few strong opinions.

In our eager s*xual pursuit to try everything at least once, most of us do give this a thought even if we don’t bring thoughts to reality.

Unless you find the whole idea of having sx during your menstruation a huge turn off or a taboo subject based on religious or social grounds, understanding this basic guide to having sx on your period could open a whole new window of opportunity during those days of the month.

The good side of having sx on your period

Firstly, having sx on your period is almost never as messy as you think *if you’re okay with a spot or two on the sheets now and then*. There are a lot of benefits about having sx on your period too.

# Your period will end sooner than normal. During your period, involuntary muscle spasms along your uterine walls cause your blood to flow out over a few days. When you orgasm during sx, your orgasms create stronger muscle spasms that push your blood out faster within a day or two. If you’ve noticed this already, you should understand that your blood hasn’t vanished or gone back inside your body. It’s just come out quicker than normal.

# The reduction of cramping pain. Period cramps put a girl’s body under a lot of stress, leading to more pain and mood swings. When you have sx during your period, a good orgasm releases a lot of feel good hormones into your body which reduce the pain and make you feel better instantly.

# A few girls actually feel horny during their periods. Are you one of them? Ever felt really horny on the first day of your period or just before your period starts? It’s because of all the hormonal changes that your body experiences during the release. For some girls, it just makes them more hornier and sx can feel so much better.


12 tips on having s;x on your period

If you’ve been interested in the idea or have tried it a few times, here are a few tips to make the whole flow game a lot easier and sxier.

#1 Use a cloth. This is a basic move that all of us should know. Place a soft cloth under your butt to avoid staining the bed.

#2 Keep tissues nearby, especially if he comes into you. You already have a fluid waiting to come out. Add his load to it and you have considerable amount of fluids in there that’s waiting to come out as soon as you move or lift your back up. Cover your wet spot with a tissue and sit up after sx. You won’t notice a difference in the way you feel. [Read: 7 s*xiest types of s*x you can ever have!]

#3 Missionary is a safe position. If you’re on your period, don’t get on top. A few lessons on gravity should explain that. Instead, lie on your back and just enjoy the ride while your man does all the work.

#4 It’s safer to ejaculate into you. If you’re not on the pill, this may be your man’s dream come true. Men like ejaculating, but they understand the importance of a condom or the pull out method. During your period, a guy could ejaculate into you without the regular risk of pregnancy. But then again, do so at your own risk because there have been a few rare cases of pregnancy after ejaculating into a girl during her period.

#5 Wear a condom if you’re not in a monogamous relationship. Sexually transmitted diseases travel better in blood than in sxual fluid. So unless you know your sxual partner like the back of your hand, it’s still not safe to take that protection off.

#6 Wrap a blanket. If you or your boyfriend is bothered by any odor during the act, wrap your blanket around yourselves up to the neck while doing the missionary and viola, no nose pinching required.

#7 Shower sx. Shower sx was probably invented to have sx during the period. If you’re having sx under flowing water, there’s a good chance both of you won’t even realize you’re on your period.

#8 Don’t let him finger you unless he likes what’s on his hands. You’re wet already, so your man doesn’t really need to use his fingers or spend too much time with his hands around your pelvis to make you wet. Just tell him to stick it in slowly and you’ll be able to smoothen it through.

#9 Heavy flow. If you experience heavy flows, avoid having sx during the first couple of days. It’s easier to have sx after your heaviest days. At times, both of you may not even notice the difference.

#10 Sperm stays alive for up to 72 hours. Well, just in case you’re wondering about this little detail, if your man ejaculates into you, his little minions will be taking a swim down there for close to three days.

#11 Oral sx during menstruation. This is a tricky subject to discuss about, some couples like it and many others don’t. If you like it, you definitely don’t need any tips here. But if you’re contemplating over this, don’t worry, you’re not a weirdo!

#12 The panty puller move. If you’re wearing sanitary pads, pull the panties and the pad to one side and give him some space to penetrate you from one side of your panties. He may like how tight it feels, and it’ll reduce any outflow or squirts when he takes his member out.

Do guys like having sx during your period?

Some guys actually like it better than normal sx, call it a fetish or call it just one of many things that fascinate guys about girls.

For all others, it’s a unique experience worth trying at least once. Hardly any guys are ever put off by it. In almost all cases, it’s usually the girl who has a problem with it.

A few things for girls to remember about period s’x

#1 You may feel unclean and dirty about it. But if both of you enjoy it, what do you have to worry about, really? Just use these 12 tips on having s’x during your period and you should be able to avoid any embarrassing incidents.

#2 You may feel bloated and unattractive. But guys wouldn’t be able to notice any difference in your body.

#3 The trouble’s all in your mind. After all, you’ll been taught to avoid that spot during that time of the month.

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