Jamb is here for Profit NOT for Development

Please, Let face the reality of what is really happening in our dear country Nigeria. Last year i remembered when Jamb scrapping was trending all over the internet but within a matter of 60 days the issue of scrapping Jamb out of Nigeria educational body failed.
We never care to know what happened and what is happening. As a student i believe that after reading this article, Million of Students out there will believe and see reasons why we should n,t allow the so called Jamb to dis-organize our future.
The main reason i titled  this article ” Jamb is here for Profit NOT for Development” is because i have been trying to study and know the mission of Jamb in Nigeria education system  but i have not find any and i am here to ask my fellow students if any of you knows the current mission of Jamb in Nigeria, to organize or to dis-organize?
Jamb Registration Fees should be #1500 NOT #4500
It all started with a Registration form fees of #4,500 which marks the beginning of the our unprofitable investment  with jamb. I believe with if Nigeria education system is as good as nothing .Jamb e-registration card by now would not cost more than #1500 MTN recharge card  per student.
From 2014 Jamb registration statistic about  1.6 Million students registered for jamb 2014 examination which if we calculate the money involved should  be around 7.2 Billion  Naira ( correct the figure if it i wrong)  and do not call me an Igbo man because i might not be one.
I am not against jamb making money because they need some equipment to facilitate  the examination but the truth of the matter is that the facilities needed for the examination will not be find and i kept wondering where and who is managing all this funds.Just imagine if Jamb registration fee is #1500, Calculate the money and tell me.
Jamb Result Checking Should be Free NOT #1500
This reminds me of what happened the day Jamb released 2014 result. i am 100% sure that the management will reduce her workers salaries considering the fact that thousand of students checked their result Free of charge without paying a damn. Just within 24hrs of the release.
Jamb blocked her Mobile apps  and free online result checking which was totally free checking gateway . Why all this money making tricks for God,sake. Should we pay with our last card before getting off with Jamb.
Now let do the mathematics again. Adding #1500 to #4500 will result to six thousand Naira(6000). Jamb mission is still unknow. But for me i think Jamb result checking should be totally free because i see NO  reason why Jamb should charge extra 1500 just to check result .
 Jamb Change of Course should be #500 Not #1000
Yes, i support the idea of collecting some token from students for changing their course after examination because that will mount extra work loads to jamb but that shouldn,t be more than five hundred Naira ony(500). Now lets calculate our profit again (6000+1000) = Seven thousand Naira (#7000).
Now to round things up here, I am not not trying to paint jamb black but i think we should do the right thing and amend those that need amendments. Because our education system is really heading now-way.
How many students got 200 and above in the just concluded 2014 jamb examination, about 47% or 47 students. Does it mean that all Nigerian students are dull to the CORE. Something is wring somewhere and we must act fast or allow jamb to continue to keep us in a dark shadow.
Understanding that being a student especially in Nigeria could be a very daunting task. This may be your case if you receive little or no pocket money also as a student to help you in talking care of things . It is in this light that we  wish also to list some small businesses you can do right now after Jamb turn you down.
T-Shirt Customization: This business requires your creativity as a student. looking around you, you’ll notice students love fancy and funky stuffs. learning the art of this business means you’ll have fellow students begging you to collect their money for a t-shirt write up.
Photography: The Photography business has grown from its state in the days to a renowned profession which people are making a fortune out of. Starting this business in small scale means youre not just making money at the moment but securing a strong financial future for yourself.
Online Registration: Yes, if you have a laptop and a bit of computer knowledge, i don’t know what stops you from enjoying both the pleasure and money derived from this Job. you can register virtually everything online. Course Registration, Post-UTME Registration, Job Application, etc.
Sale of Fashion Items: Interesting thing about this business is that you’d succeed no matter your sex. Both male and female wears rocks on Nigerian campuses and who else will succeed more if not their fellow students.
Now to, Share your views towards this and let know what you feels , Kindly make use of the comment box below to air your view and point out typo if any.

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