How To Keep Your Man Away From Cheating You

So, you’ve finally found Mr Right! Your Prince Charming! Now, you’re scared other girls will want to snatch him from you.

How to keep your man, How to stop your man from cheating
The truth is, you can’t stop a man from cheating by forcing him and monitoring his moves. A cheat will always cheat no matter what you do.

He’s so cute and he treats you like a queen that you’re just scared of loosing him. Well, the war has begun. Here’s a few tips to help you win the battle.

Secure your territory mentally and emotionally:
If you have never meditated, had a prayer life or some kind of regular relaxation ritual, now is the time to start. These practices will help you to be a safe harbor for yourself and everyone around you, especially your man. Men are drawn like a magnet to a woman who seems to “have it all together”, but repelled to one that seems to be an emotional wreck. We all know how tumultuous relationships can be, so mental and emotional stability is a must!

Secure him with a smile:
Men enjoy the company of a light spirited, energetic, witty, carefree, friendly yet classy gal with a subtle sense of responsibility and a bit of reliability. If you walk around with heavy shoulders and a tired looking face, you can bet that men will run from you.

Keep him around, make him know he’s needed:
When you have your own life, you bring a breath of fresh air into the relationship. Yet do not make the mistake of handling everything yourself, let your man do his part and he will know that he is needed. When a man thinks he’s not needed or his efforts appreciated, he becomes emotionally vulnerable to other women.

Mesmerize him, always:
Exercise hygiene, wear nice form flattering garments which don’t necessarily have to be expensive. Keep your hair clean and neat. Make sure that your man never forgets what turned him on you in the first place, but be careful not to be stuck in time.Competition is tough out there and some women just want your man because he’s taken and you can be sure they’ll put up a fight.

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