How to deal with long distance relationships

Once upon a time, not too long ago, people usually began (and ended) their careers in the same town or city that they grew up in. Today, the situation is very different. Thanks to the global rise of the Indian industrial and technical sector, people from all over the country congregate in metros like Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune to work.

Since the majority of marriages in India are still arranged (and most of them are arranged via online matrimonial portals like or, the chances are that you will find yourself engaged to someone who lives hundreds of kilometers away from your hometown.

Since it is not really advisable to marry a stranger on your wedding day, you should make every effort to start building your relationship from Day 1 itself. But long distance relationships can be tough unless you are willing to listen and consider the following advice:

1.  Set ground rules

Setting the ground rules so that you both become familiar with each other’s comfort zone should be the first step in any relationship, not just long distance ones. However, this is especially important for long distance relationships since people have a tendency to worry. So set aside a fixed time every day when you both will talk/ video chat with each other daily, without fail.

2.  Get a Reliance/ Tata Docomo mobile connection for both of you

Unless both people in a relationship communicate openly with each other about their likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams & values, the relationship will not have a chance of success. If you and your husband to be live in different towns/ cities, then simple logistics like the rising cost of mobile bills may prevent you from interacting with each other as much as you like. But now, thanks to the advent of per second billing plans by most mobile service providers, both of you do not have to worry so much about the cost of mobile bills. Tata Docomo & Reliance are generally the least expensive among the mobile service providers, but I daresay that if you do a little bit more research you may find something even more economical. Or if you have a fast Internet connection with unlimited download of data, then you can use Skype to video chat with your fiancé.

3.  Do things together

Just because you are miles apart does not mean that you cannot do things together. Do you both like to watch movies? Maybe you can’t physically go to the movies together, but you can certainly download and watch the same movie online, and then discuss your thoughts about it. Thanks to modern technology, distance does not have to be a barrier in the growth of your blossoming relationship.

4.  Have faith in your relationship and trust each other

When you are far apart from someone you love and miss him very much, you may feel insecure and be tempted to doubt your fiancé irrationally. Instead of making accusations, it would be much better if both of you sit down and talk through your issues rationally. After all, trust is the foundation of any good relationship.

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