For Lovers: The 4 Things You Must NEVER Do After A Break Up

When a break-up happens, especially for serious relationships, there is this desperation that befalls the hurt party.

But like all things done in desperation, it sometimes leads to more problems.

Anyway, here are 4 things Wha’anda things you should NEVER do after a break up:

1. Do not pine over old text messages. Ah, those old text messages are evil. You read them —the mushy moment messages, and your heart goes into frenzy. Best thing is to just either delete them (if you are sure there is no comeback) or try to ignore them.

2. Do not begin to listen to forlorn love songs like Akon’s sad ‘Lonely’ or Eamon’s butt-hurt ‘Fuck What I Said.’ It is best that you also avoid songs that tune up your emotions, soft like Enya’s beats or even Radiohead. The reasons is that these songs bring a rush of emotions that might make you cry your eyes out or do something much worse —like suicide!

3. Do not begin to stalk your ex on Facebook (Social media). Trust Wha’anda, the more you read about the person’s activities, the worse you’ll feel. You just might be unfortunate to read updates about you or learn that he or she is getting married. A status update or a tweet can crash your whole day. So stay off their social media profiles until you move on.

4. Do not stop loving. The easiest cure for a heart-hurt is falling in love again. See, staying alone for a zillion years will neither erase the sad event nor make you immune to the need for s*x and love. Paid or random s*x will also not be a good as s*x inside a relationship, even if it will eventually crash. So you gotta go out there and get someone who appreciates you instead of crying over spilt milk while the person you are pining over is living the life.

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