Easy 9 Ways Your Marriage Will Change You

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”
And, this is the only thing about marriage that should not change, because rest of the things would…

Yes, marriage transforms you in more ways than you can imagine. Just the fact that your life is not solely yours, but also belongs to another person now, brings a lot of changes in you and your life. So, here is how marriage will be changing you, so get ready to experience this journey with us!

#1. Time for the “WE” to Enter

It is as simple as saying, “I gets replaced with WE”. You learn to look at the bigger picture instead of losing sleep over minor things. As another person enters your life, you learn to be more accommodating towards them and their needs. Right from your wedding preparations to the time you start your own family, the entire journey teaches you on how to place your partner’s preferences with (or sometimes, over) yours!

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#2. Boys Become Men

When you are married, all your decisions, personal or professional, will affect your better half too. Every action of yours influences your partner. From the way you drive, what you eat to how you live your life, how much you are earning or how much you are saving, everything matters. This is especially for the men. Well, you might have heard “boys will be boys”, but this is not so. As they enter the marriage door, men leave their boyish ways at the doorstep. And, this responsibility increases more when they move the family way.

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#3. Bye Bye Carefree Days

This one is especially for the girls. Probably, in your parent’s house, you would have come home at any time and thereafter simply lied down on the couch without worrying about any household chore. Well, once you get married, you have to get up (whether your in-laws ask you or not) and take on those household responsibilities that your dearest moms used to do for you earlier!

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#4. Diplomacy Is Not Always Bad

Whether it is with the people or with situations, you learn to be diplomatic and tactful with everything that life now sends your way. “Go to Hell” attitude will not work in a marriage, especially when you have so many new and fragile relations in front of you. And, this is one that will help you in other areas of your life as well. After all, being ‘tactful’ never harms anyone, right?

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#5. Welcome to the World of Patience

Marriage is all about being patient so that you can get through the tough times together. Impatience can often deal a death blow to this strong yet delicate relationship. After you are married, you cannot throw tantrums all the time because they affect your partner. As you learn to be patient, you also become a good listener.

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#6. Life Changes 180 Degree

Marriage changes the priorities that people set in their lives. For a marriage to last, it is important that your partner and your relationship become the most important priority in your life. Even your personal goals, dreams and wishes change after marriage, as now you have another person in your life to think about as well. Some people make a conscious decision and change their priorities. For others, their priorities change even without their knowledge.

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#7. Kick “My Way or the Highway” out of the window

Yes, the “My Way or the Highway” attitude is next in the line to take a toss. Things are no longer just about “you” and you cannot expect everything to go “your” way always. You start listening to your better half. You have to take their opinions and feelings into consideration as well. It is true that in a marriage, it is cooperation that makes it last a lifetime. Ego in disguise of self-respect has no place in a marriage!

#8. Forgive, Forgive, and Forgive!

As Ruth Bell Graham said, “A good marriage is the union of two good forgivers.” People make mistakes. You and your better half might make mistakes too. The secret behind a happy marriage is to forgive and forget those silly little things, and get on with life. Marriage enlarges your vision.

#9. You Become Selfless

Lastly and most importantly, marriage removes the selfish quotient in you. Everything you have in your life is for the both of you, and later on for your kids. You become more giving and loving because your life is not centred just around you anymore. Now, you know how selfless love truly is!

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Well, you are not alone in this journey, right? So, get ready to embrace this phase with your better half; and enjoy the beautiful changes marriage brings in you and your life

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