Easy 6 Scientifically Proven Secrets to Have a Happy Marriage


Marriage is probably one of the most important relationships one has, and it has been proved that having a happy and stable married life can add many happy years to your life. A healthy marriage has a positive influence on other aspects of your life too. However, like any other important aspect of life, a great marriage requires working towards it too. Scroll down to know the six most effective, easy and scientifically proven ways to make your marriage even better than it is.

#1. Celebration should be for “us”

Probably the best secret of a happy married life is celebrating everything together as “one”, according to a research conducted by psychologists at UCLA. The joys, successes, happiness, and even the smallest good thing that happens to either of you two, should be celebrated together. Rather than saying or believing “I” did it or “she/he” achieved it, say more of “we” did it. Yes, sharing each other’s little joys is as important as sharing the sorrows.

#2. Passionate lovemaking can never fail

According to recent studies, couples who are s*xually less active are less happy together. Although not the one and only significant thing in a marriage, physical intimacy holds an important position when it comes to list of things that make for a happy marriage. People who have a lot of mood swings, anxiety or other negative emotions, are seen to have calmed down on being regularly intimate with their partner. On the other hand, calm people have been seen losing their patience on being deprived of a satisfying intimate love life.

#3. Appreciation goes a long way

While most people do feel thankful towards their partners, very few actually express it verbally. According to studies, people who felt appreciated by their partners for their efforts experience less resentment and more satisfaction in their relationship. Couples who appreciated each other have higher chances of having a successful marriage than those who don’t. A generous dose of compliments is a big ego booster and can do wonders for your relationship.

#4. Compromises can be happy too!

What can keep a relationship going on for years? Making happy adjustments and compromises. It has been proved that partners who accept each other’s positives and negatives, and simply agree to disagree on differences of opinions, rather than trying to change the other, are happier. Once you accept that some issues are simply unsolvable, then you can find a way to adjust and move on.

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#5. Setting high standards comes handy!

Over the years, many experts have advised couples to keep their expectations low to have a happy married life. However, latest research suggests that people who expected more and set high standards for their married life, got what they expected, making them happier! Research has shown that rather than being doomed to be disappointed, couples who expect romance and to be treated well, end up being happier. This is because their own gestures mimic their expectations, which are then reciprocated by their partners.

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#6. Cherishing good times calls for better times

When you remember and celebrate the good times of the past, like a fun outing, a picnic, your first candlelight dinner, honeymoon, etc., then your mood tends to get happier. This naturally calls for better times. It has been proved that couples who celebrate the good times have more levels of intimacy, commitment, trust and overall satisfaction.

It is true that every marriage is unique, and each partner knows how to handle the other. But with these easy and research-backed ways, we are sure you can make your partner and eventually your marriage much happier.

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