Easy 14 Phobias Destined To Ruin Your Love Life

Philemaphobia: Fear Of Kissing.

What fears could be putting a damper on your chances for love?

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition a phobia is: “an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation.” The symptoms of such an intense fear can result from anywhere from a dry mouth and shortness of breath to chest pain, a racing heart, vomiting, and even an inability to speak. Basically, it’s the worst possible panic attack of your life.

There are some weird phobias out there, like things that wouldn’t even cross your mind that someone could possibly have a fear of them. For example oneirogmophobia — ever heard of it? It’s the fear of wet dreams. Yes, there are people walking around this planet with a debilitating fear of wet dreams! Really! I’m not lying! Although that may seem a bit funny, phobias are no laughing matter. In fact, some can actually stand in the way of love, as 36-year-old Brit, Erica Valentine, has discovered.

Valentine, contrary to her name, has such an intense fear of kissing that she hasn’t had a date in two years, and a long line of failed relationships because she just can’t bring herself to lock lips with anyone. Her obsession with oral hygiene is so all-consuming that not only is she constantly inquiring about the last time a potential lover has brushed their teeth, but she, herself, brushes her own teeth five or six times a day. I can’t imagine that’s very good for the gums, but I’m no dentist.

But this isn’t the only phobia that could possibly ruin your love life; there are actually quite a few others. Starting with Valentine’s philemaphobia, let’s cover what other fears could be putting a damper on your chances at love.

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