Easy 10 Reasons To Get It On In The Morning, Every Morning

Whether you are in a hot new relationship or have been together for a long time, s*x tends to be a “when the lights go out” thing—but I maintain—and hope to convince you—that starting the day “with a bang” is the best way to go.

Deciding whether you should try and get it on early in the morning might be a tough call. After all, not many people feel s*xy in the morning. Morning breath! Enough said.

Well, it turns out you probably should go the extra mile to do all these things then have fun. Why?

For one, if your man prefers to get in on in the morning, and according to research he totally does, then switching things up would make things more exciting. Also, you’ll benefit from getting it on in the morning, from being able to skip the gym (hey, it’s a workout) to playing a part in saving the environment.

Are you not totally sold on the idea yet? Then it’s time to flip through our gallery of 10 reasons why you should have s*x bright and early. Good morning to you.

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