For Couple: Strange Things That Turn You On!



1. When she wears her natural hair. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Brazilian /human hair ish and all the designs etc. But anytime she goes on her ‘Afro’ it drives me gaga grin

2. The smell of her hair. Crazy right I don’t know why I cant get enough of it. All she has to do is rest her head on my lap where I can get easy access and I find myself sniffing the thing like its cocaine. I love the way her hair and scalp smells. It drives me crazy! embarassed

3. Her walking around the house in her s3xy underwear. Note: If she walks round the house Unclad it doesn’t do anything for me. I may not even look at her twice. But let her wear matching bra and panties and I cant stop staring! It’s so hot and s3xy, especially the colour white. And that brings me to:

4. When she wears white clothes. Anything white does it for me, don’t know why. A white shirt, white jeans a white gown that shows all her curves and stops at the knees and ends in frills(oh dear loorrd!)

5. When she watches cartoons. I cant explain it. Seeing her enjoy stuff like ‘kung fu panda’ and ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ and laughing her tinker bell laugh…i feel connected somehow.

6. Socks: When she wears white socks…it drives me CraZY! I don’t know why embarassed embarassed embarassed

7. When she calls me by my pet name…which I wont mention here! angry angry grin

Do you have any strange things about him or her that turns you on? Please share smiley


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