Breaking News! Riot breaks out in Kano: We don’t want Sanusi as our Emir! (See Live Photo)

Majority of the residents in Kano are not impressed with the new Emir of Kano, thus they have started a protest!
The protest started at the Kofar Kudu area, near the Emir’s palace when residents of the neighbouring streets trooped out to the palace area in opposition to the choice.
Tyres were set on fire and few roads blocked as they shouted, “Ba muso, ba muso’’, meaning, “we don’t want, we don’t want” in apparent reference to the choice of Sanusi by the state government.
ThisDay reports that the road to Government House, Kano, from former Silver Jubilee round-about has been blocked by irate youths with motorists compelled by youths to fix leaves to their windscreens.
Although security forces have been mobilised for crowd dispersal, the riot is still ongoing.

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