Biafra Group Who Tried To Seize Enugu TV, Radio Station Captured


Biafra Zionist, BZF

The Enugu State Broadcasting Service (ESBS) was yesterday attacked by Members of the Pro-Biafra group, Biafra Zionists Federation (BZF). Our reports told us exclusively that the men tried to seize the TV and radio station for a broadcast of which the police in what was a fierce battle.

Staff of the station quickly alerted the police who promptly arrived to counter the attack. During the battle, a police officer and a member of the BZF were killed while the police inspector who led the counter mission was seriously wounded.

However, the police were able to apprehend thirteen of the BZF members after they tried to escape and one of the men arrested is reported to be their leader, Benjamin Onwuka, who also led the attack that struck the Enugu State Government House on March 8, 2014.

An eye witness said;

“While they were struggling with the station’s staff, four policemen who got wind of the invasion by the hoodlums arrived the premises in two patrol cars and moved into the station to confront them. Soon after they got into the building we started hearing gunshots and people were running helter-skelter. There was heavy shooting but I don’t know if the BZM members were armed.    At the end we saw the corpse of a police sergeant and a member of the group on the floor. The Police Inspector who sustained injuries on his head was immediately taken away by his colleagues,” an eyewitness said.

However, our reporters also told us that the BZF men were not aware of the fact that the TV station had been offline for two days.


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