Best 12 Ways To Make A Guy Go Crazy Over You

13 ways to make a man crazy over you, Relationship tips

Hey ladies, here are 12 ways to make a man go crazy over you. Carefully read to the end then you’ll pick something out of it.

1. Wear Nice Perfume:
This tip might sound silly or superficial, but believe it or not, guys like that women have signature scents. One of my old boyfriends actually still remembers mine from high school! Don’t douse yourself with perfume, but pick a simple, flirty or s*xy perfume and apply just a little. Wear the same one each time you’re around him. Unless he buys you a new one, which might signify he doesn’t like the one you chose, chances are he’ll love that you smell the same way each time you’re around him. It’s a sense of comfort, seduction and romance all wrapped up in one!

2. Don’t Try To Change Him:
If you hate your guy’s shoes or the way he wears his hair, but you sure do adore him, please just let him be! Don’t try to play dress up with your guy or ask him to change his hair. He’ll likely send you on your way if he’s smart. If you don’t like him for his odd tastes and all, then maybe you should reconsider what you’re looking for in a guy.

3. Get To Know His Friends:
Guys will be loyal to their friends in the end, as should women too. No matter how much you might not really like what who he hangs around with, try your best to get along with them. If the relationship is harmed by the friendship, have a concerned, genuine conversation with him about it in a rational way. Don’t just be rude to his friends.

4. Ask About His Family:
Be sure when you get into a relationship with a guy that you ask about his family. This will send him over the moon for you! You should genuinely care enough to ask him about his family, and by doing so, it shows you’re not only interested in him, but also in the people he loves as well.

5. Show Him You’re Responsible:
Be financially responsible, don’t get drunk in public, and don’t display yourself like a teenage girl trying to get attention. Showing you’re responsible is a great way to hook a guy. You can still have fun and be responsible. No guy wants a long term thing with a girl that flies by the seat of her pants or can’t even manage her paycheck.

6. Don’t Be A Parasite:
Constantly sticking to a man and following him around is not going to make him want you more. You do not always have to be in front of him preparing yourself to do anything he wants. Therefore, it is important that you give him some space.

7. Don’t Take His Place As The Man:
As much as I always talk about equality, there are some roles that you cannot do when you are in a strong relationship. When you allow a man to show his masculinity, he will take the lead. You should be thankful when he steps in and helps you in some way.

8. Give Support When Needed:
No matter how strong someone is, even men, there are always points in their life when they will need to have some type of support. When you see that he needs it, you should be there for him and help him out.

9. Always Look Pretty:
When many women get married, they let themselves go simply because they have already have their man. You should not let yourself go. If you went to the salon to get your hair done before you were married, then keep doing it. If you were smart when he first married you, then stay smart!

10. Jealousy:
I have seen many girls that try to spend as much time with their friends in order to make their guy jealous. This will drive him crazy thinking of those long hours with your friends. While I would never do this, there are some girls out there that will recommend this. Again, it all depends on who you are. The more he craves for your company, the more he is going to go crazy for you.

11. Be A  Good Listener:
One sure way to get a boyfriend is to pay attention to him. When he is talking, you should show him that you are interested in him by listening to him. Guys love it when they have a girl that cares about them and it drives them crazy. Don’t be self centered and always talk about your desires and your life. Give him some space and let him speak his mind. Men like it when they are appreciated and praised for their actions.

12. Stay Unique:
There are many women out there that are attractive too. You need to do something that sets you apart from them. Find something that is unique and go with it.

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