Bad 5 Things Men Never Notice during S*x

Bubbly breast shape

Just remember, only you know whether your breasts are of the same size or are now full of fat, it is of no consequence for men. Men get doubly excited to be near you and will not bother finding out the shape and size of your breast. You should let go of what he thinks about them and savour the moment. He may be worrying about his size at the back of his head too! So, seize the opportunity and enjoy the moment of ecstasy.

Acne breakouts

Not just women but men too yearn for a blemish-free and perfectly silky-smooth skin; unfortunately only a few have the privilege of being born with it. So, there is no need to dig your heels and give a last minute shout if you notice an acne breakout either on your buttock, back or face. While you guys are at it and busy grabbing each other, he surely will not sit down to count your zits. There is more to what he can do to you than embarrass you about your acne problem.

Hair and makeup

Forget the fact that he will notice your fringes, coloured strands, or even the lip gloss you are donning to wound him with your shapely lips. As a matter of fact, do not work yourself up in to getting yourself noticed. Instead concentrate on the time you are getting to spend with each other.


One of the turn on factors in bedroom is sweat, apart from the body contours. So, you absolutely don’t have to worry, if you sweat during foreplay or s*xual intercourse. The only thing perhaps that you should worry about is the body odour, since it is a major turn off.

Bush or no bush

Should you get a bikini wax done or not? Now, stop worrying as men really don’t bother about the stubble down there, as long as you are hygiene conscious, he is going to be happy with that. However, do not forget to trim the bush. When he is down on you, he will prefer to see a little bit of you instead of being completely lost.

So slack down your bedroom worries and stop worrying about the cellulite. He will love you for who you are, a woman who is confident in her skin both within and outside the bedroom.


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