3 Things To Avoid When Toasting A Girl


3 Things To Avoid When Toasting A Girl

1) Avoid cramming – some dudes dis days fail to convince a girl beyond reasonable doubt because of cramming.

Why cram for God sake.u av to b bold and confident enough to articulate your words for her………..

remember that she won’t kill you.the worse thing she can do is to turn u down.

2)Never downgrade yourself- know that u are intelligent to convince her. It is dis your self worth that will give u inspiration to brainwash her. I want u to know That majority of those beautiful girls on d street has nothing in d head. B inferior in Ur dealings. Never down grade ur self…….your intelligence is celestial

3)Never turn to teacher- where do you live,are u d last born,where does your father work!

Haba are u a village teacher.

First comport your self and go straight to d issue. Don’t bore her with almighty formula question. Know that your first discussion wit her will determine her her approach to u………

your first discussion must be diplomatic not questionably epileptic.


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