2 Simple Ways To Make Your Partner Trust You

How to make your partner trust you, How to earn your partner's trust

A lot of us don’t know the importance of trust in a relationship/marriage. The truth is, trust is the Key. No matter how you might love each other, your relationship/marriage will always be shaky if there is no trust.

However, one thing you have to know is that Trust is earned, not commanded.

If you had lost the trust of your partner, don’t worry. In this article, I’ll be revealing to you 2 simple things you should do to win back his/her trust or to improve and maintain the trust your partner already has for you.

(1). Call Him/Her Whenever You Go Out:
As simple as it seems, a lot of people don’t know how this can play a huge part in earning their partner’s trust.

When you go out, especially to somewhere that might make them panic, for example, you’re boss’ house, to see a friend, a party a friend invited you to, or wherever it might be that you’re going alone, what you should simply do within intervals is pick up your phone and call partner/spouse. When s/he picks the phone, start with sweet words like “Hello Darling, Love, Boo…” or whatever sweet names you call yourselves then tell them you just called to remind them of how much you love and miss them.

Spend some quality time on the phone and talk moderately loud so they can know you aren’t hiding from anyone. Sound sweet and make sure you end the call with “I love you, see you soon”.

Tip: Don’t forget to call him/her once you’re on your way home.

(2). Full Access To Your Phone(s):
This is one simple way you can prove that you aren’t cheating or that you have nothing to hide. If at all you’re locking your phone(s) for some other security reasons, make sure your partner/spouse has the password(s). Be quick enough to give them the new password(s) whenever you change it due to being compromised by a third party.

Let’s assume your partner locks his/her phone without giving you the unlock codes, you’ll believe there’s something ‘smelly’ going on, right? Good! Don’t blame him/her for thinking the same way you would. If there’s nothing to hide, simple leave your phones open and give them the access to use it anytime. Your phone is your center of connection. If you can do this, then you’ve just earned his/her trust.

Tip: Avoid doing whatever makes them scared, it kills trust.

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