13 Real Phobias That Can Actually Ruin Your Love Life


Being really afraid of doing something or fearing that the outcome of a particular action of yours will be horrendous, is what is known as a phobia. There are millions of phobias in the world and every single person on the planet has at least a few of them. But, do you know about the phobias that have the capacity to completely ruin your love life? Yes, you heard it right! As weird as it may sound, but there truly are certain fears that can result in you and your partner parting ways.  So, here we get for you some shocking phobias responsible for breaking up relationships.

#1. Gamophobia- fear of marriage

phobia of wedding

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A lot of you might be having it, but would not even be aware of it. This fear of getting into a commitment makes a person afraid to tie the knot, and compels them to stay single forever.

#2. Philophobia- fear of falling in love

phobia for love

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Probably, the most unfortunate of all, this phobia keeps a person away from the most beautiful, surreal, and magical thing in the world, love.

#3. Sarmassophobia- fear of making out

phobia for sex

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People who have this phobia are afraid of cuddling, kissing and all other exciting activities involved in a relationship. For them, these pleasurable activities are actually quite stressful.

#4. Philemaphobia- fear of kissing

phobia of kissing

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While kissing is one of the most important parts of a relationship, those who suffer from philemaphobia actually tend to stay away from it. Well, we wonder who would actually want to go out with someone who cannot even kiss?

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#5. Genophobia- fear of making love

phobia of marriage

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Yes, a lot of people develop the fear of indulging into lovemaking. The reason might be performance pressure, cultural or religious fears, or anything else, but it is really difficult to imagine how a marriage would survive if there is no lovemaking in it!

#6. Venustraphobia- fear of beautiful women

phobia of women

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Yes, you read it right? A lot of men have a phobia of being around beautiful women, and are just too scared to even talk to them. Well, we wonder if they really end up getting into a relationship one of them ever.

#7. Arrhenphobia- fear of men

phobia for men

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And, not leaving the men behind, some women also suffer from the fear of having men around them. All those women who suffer from this phobia get highly uncomfortable in presence of men.

#8. Cibophobia- fear of eating

phobia of food

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Well, you might be wondering how the fear of eating might ruin a relationship? But, can you imagine yourself going out with someone who cannot have anything on a lunch or dinner date, or every time you two are out together? Well, we doubt!

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#9. Anuptaphobia- fear of remaining single

phobia of single life

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This is not only the fear of remaining single forever, but also of marrying the wrong person. While one part of this phobia might make you extremely possessive once you are in a relationship, latter can always keep you in doubt if married the right person or not. And, both the situations are equally capable of killing a relationship.

#10. Mysophobia- fear of germs getting transferred

phobia of getting germs by touch

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People who suffer from this phobia do not even like to be touched, let alone kissing or making out. They refrain from going to public places as well. The only relation they have is with their germproof gloves.

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#11. Omphalophobia- fear of bellybuttons

phobia of body parts

Strangely, the mere sight of a belly button can scare the people who have this phobia. So, unless they find someone who do not mind making love with their clothes on, being in a relationship for people with omphaophobia is really difficult.

#12. Chiraptophobia- fear of being touched

phobia of being touched

Yet another phobia that can very easily destroy a relationship, chiraptophobia is the fear of being touched by someone. Well, the power of touch is what brings two people closer and gives them a sense of belonging. And, not being able to do that to your partner would not keep you interested in the relationship for very long, isn’t it?

#13. Agoraphobia- fear of open spaces

phobia of open spaces

Well, this phobia is not only about the fear of open spaces, but it also includes the fear of leaving home, travelling by public transport, and visiting a public place. And, we believe it would be quite too tough for you to be with someone who is never ready to move out of their place to meet you and hang out with you.

Well, a lot of strange things do happen in this world about which we are completely unaware of! We hope to have opened your eyes on a few, and if you want your friends to know about it too, do not forget to share it with them as well.

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