10 Tips For Great Sex During Menstruation

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You can have great sex with your lover even when she is seeing her period. Just follow these simple tips.
Sex is usually taken menu when the woman is menstruating.
While this decision may have cultural and religious backings, some people also just stay away because of the bloody mess is more than they can handle.
But do you know that you really don’t have to skip sex just for the sake of menstruation.
Well, it may sound odd, but a WikiHow article says “sex during your period can deliver amazing sensations (even more amazing than the normal ones, believe it or not).”
But you can actually have sex while she is having her period.
Here’s how to do it right:
  1. Be ready for the bloody mess: In almost every case, there is  release of menstrual fluid so you should not have your best sheets laid out. It is better to use thick, colored blankets, towels or spread sheets that you can dispose off after sex.
  2. Tackle the odour. Sometimes, the menstrual fluid has an unpleasant odour. So to forestall this, have the air scented  —  spraying a strong perfume or lighting scented candles will be a good move.
  3. Have lots of tissue paper nearby. Because of the ‘leaking’ menstrual fluid, it would be nice to have a lot of tissue paper/toilet roll that you can clean up with every now and then.
  4. Try a combine shower hour. Sex in the shower at this period is a wise choice, especially as the menstrual fluid gets washed away as she releases it. The wetness is also good for you both.
  5. Stay healthy by using condoms. At this period, the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are much higher. For this reason, á condom is your best friend. Use it.
  6. Stay traditional and simple. This is not a period to be too adventurous. Save the kamasutra moves for another period and use the the missionary position. The blood flow will be reduced with the woman lying on her back.
  7. Skim the waters. Try not to penetrate too deep because you just might start an endless flow of blood. So remain on the surface with gentle thrusts.
  8. Oral sex is a no no.  Do not be tempted to give her a quick mouth job unless you are willing to get a mouthful of menstrual fluid. You surely won’t like it.
  9. Focus on not genital regions. You can boost the sexual experience by focussing more on parts other than the vagina. Turn your attention to the breast and other erogenous zones onn her body.
  10. Clean up/take a shower immediately after. You totally need to wash off as soon as you are done. Don’t let the juice dry up on your body.
There you go, you can still have fun…

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