10 Things Most Guys Do When Expecting Their Girlfriends


10 Things Most Guys Do When Expecting Their Girlfriends

If You Do These 5 Simple Things, Your Man WILL Propose To You

You might have one point in time done some of these things when MEN were BOYS. However, most of these things are done especially when the relationship is still new and you are still being shark-ed

On the contrary, no matter how matured you are, you might still find yourself doing one or two do of these things

Let’s see if you are/were guilty of one of the categories

Note : This is not a general assumption

10 Things Most Guys Do When Expecting Their Girlfriends

1. They sweep and keep the room tidy prior to her arrival even if the room has not been swept for days

2. They tell their friends not to spend too much time with them when she arrives. That is, after spending 20-30 mins, courtesy demand they bleep off

3. They try to change their boxers and underwears even when it is not really dirty

4. They make provision for condoms in case of necessity, hoping if miracle might happen

5. They go to the petrol station to buy petrol (not in all cases though)

6. They keep looking at their watches at intervals as if their lives depend on it

7. They Spend more minutes brushing their teeth than the normal time grin

8. They spray little amount of perfume, though it might not really scent well

9. They make an estimation of how much they are going to spend grin

10. They are so expectant that they keep hoping their phones ring grin

Oooyah let forming begin cool

Feel free to add yours

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